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A Quick Recap: The 451 Research Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit

The 451 Research event known as the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit (#451HCTS) at the Bellagio Resort & Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada has come to a close.

Over the course of this three-day event, dozens of speakers from industry-leading companies and regulatory bodies shared their insights.

Here’s a quick recap of the event for those who missed it:

Keynotes and Panel Discussions

The second and third days of the event were marked by many different presentations and panel discussions. Industry experts from all over gathered at the Bellagio Resort & Hotel to share their insights into:

  • How cloud service providers can work to differentiate themselves so they can retain customers and fuel growth.
  • How enterprises can achieve the best mix of cloud resources and services to support their digital transformation.
  • The economics, connectivity, and resiliency of datacenters in the cloud.
  • What the value proposition of the Internet of Things (IoT) is, and the key barriers to IoT adoption.
  • Emerging service models that can be delivered via the cloud.
  • The role of IT security in the light of cloud-related trends.

Just to name a few of the key insights shared.

One of the speakers was Aneesh Chopra, the former (and first) Chief Technology Officer for the U.S. government who helped design the National Wireless Initiative and launch the Startup America initiative as an assistant to the President.

During his tenure as CTO for the USA and even after leaving office, Chopra worked closely with the healthcare and education industries.

Chopra’s work to improve productivity for the health and education markets earned him a spot on Modern Healthcare’s list of the “100 Most Influential People In Healthcare.”

1:1 Meetings with Solution Providers, Attendees, and 451 Research Analysts

One of the highlights of the three-day event was that 451 Research gave attendees access to special meetings on a one-to-one basis with speakers, solution providers, and even 451 Research analysts that were at the event.

In these meetings, attendees could easily meet with specialists to ask all the questions that couldn’t be answered in a general discussion. With this direct access to different experts and specialists,attendees could build their knowledge base and evolve their cloud strategy.

Aside from these one-to-one meetings, there was a special reception and executive networking event at the end of the first day. This larger session was a golden opportunity to network with key cloud technology, service, and solution providers.

Insight from Industry-Leading Speakers

There were over 40 speakers at the event from all parts of the industry. From digital infrastructure and data strategy experts from companies like Hewlett Packard, to cloud security managers & directors from security firms like Symantec, to technology strategists and research directors from 451 Research itself, there was no shortage of brain power on display.

Each of these experts brought their own unique insight into business operations on the cloud—insight that many in the industry may find useful. From learning how to deploy the cloud for the biggest productivity boost, to keeping data on the cloud secure from attack, each of these speakers had critical knowledge to share.

Events such as the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit can help businesses not only learn more about using the cloud, it can help businesses form the connections they need to make the most out of the cloud revolution and stay ahead of competitors.

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