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ASV Scans

Quickly achieve PCI scan compliance with's highly configurable vulnerability scanning solution.’s ASV Scan Solution allows companies of all sizes to quickly and pragmatically steer their organization towards PCI compliance.’s fully featured and highly configurable vulnerability scanning solution provides ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) scans as recognized by PCI Council that helps enterprises, payment gateways, and e-commerce merchants quickly achieve PCI scan compliance. Whoa will provide through a monthly report on the selected amount of vulnerability scans (By default up to 5 IPs). After every PCI scan you’ll receive detailed executive and technical audit reports summarizing security holes that were found on the target network. These areas of non-compliance are accompanied by expert, cross-referenced, remediation advice that help resolve the specific issue in the most effective manner possible. After a successful PCI scan (no vulnerabilities with a CVSS base score greater than 4.0), compliance managers are provided with an official PCI Scan Compliant report that can be submitted to acquiring institutions to meet ongoing compliance requirements.

Vulnerability scans can be run on externally facing IP ranges and hosts and on internal networks protected by a firewall or other network security devices.

ASV Scan Features:

  • Remotely scan networks and devices with the full battery of vulnerability tests in the PCI specifications
  • Generates ‘PCI Scan Compliant’ reports from a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor
  • PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). The PCI Scan interface helps organizations achieve specific compliance with section 11.2 of the PCI DSS guidelines
  • Comprehensive post scan reporting includes trend analysis and executive summaries alongside actionable threat mitigation advice
  • Schedule scans according to organizational preference
  • Executive and technical audit reports contain clear advice on how to fix most security vulnerabilities
  • Capable of scanning for vulnerabilities on internal networks as well as externally facing hosts
  • Ability to fine tune audits to network requirements
  • No additional hardware or software purchases necessary
  • Cost effective and flexible package offerings tailored to suit businesses of all sizes with room for future growth

For more detailed information on’s ASV Scan Service or any of our managed or professional services please contact us.