The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

Cloud Firewalls offers a wide suite of enterprise-level next generation firewall services, with a diverse range of security features.

The Firewall is a standard security feature included on all of our cloud solutions.

To provide our clients a secure cloud, we offer two network firewall options as part of our layered approach to security to provide protection for our networks against all threats. Edge is our standard firewall and we offer a Premium Firewall option as well.  With both, exploits are easily detected and prevented using a combination of antivirus, anti-spyware, and vulnerability protection – all provided by WHOA Perimeter Firewall.

Our Firewalls use advanced detection mechanisms including a signature-based approach, which is an Intrusion prevention and Antivirus approach, and also a Layer 7 protocol analysis-based approach, we also provide proactive 24 x 7 updates on threats to enable a safe cloud environment and protect your mission critical applications.

Read on for more details about our standard firewall and premium firewall service. Edge Firewall

WHOA knows that every business that utilizes its cloud computing services in turn requires a cloud-based firewall. To ensure that your cloud environment has the required network security in place, all of our cloud solutions come with an Edge Firewall to all of our customers as an included service

Our standard firewall is designed with the particular requirements of cloud computing in mind, and is equipped accordingly. This cloud Edge firewall boasts many different features designed to maximize security for your cloud.

WHOA Public Cloud Edge Firewall features include:

  • Stateful Inspection Firewall for IP address, Ports, Protocol (TCP or UDP)
  • Site-to-site VPN with 256-bit encryption
  • Web load balancing capabilities
  • Logging and auditing
  • Intuitive interface to manage your firewall rules and policies. Premium Firewall

WHOA offers a premium firewall solution to our clients with extreme security requirements and ultra-sensitive information. Our premium firewall supports safely enabling applications based on users and groups, and flexible networking foundation facilitates integration into nearly any network.

WHOA Premium Firewall Cloud Security:

  • Uses the application, not the port and protocol it uses, as the basis for all safe enablement policy decisions.
  • Stops malware from gaining access to your WHOA cloud solution.
  • Determines who should be allowed to use the applications, and grants access based on user needs and credentials.
  • Simplifies management and minimizes the security policy lag as VMs are added, removed or moved within the cloud environment.
  • Protects your data in your cloud environments from cyber threats with our next-generation firewall security and advanced threat prevention features.
  • Provides a centralized management tool, and a rich set of APIs can be used to integrate with external orchestration and management tools to collect information related to workload changes, which can then be used to dynamically drive policy updates via Dynamic Address Groups.
  • Isolate and protects mission-critical applications and data

Our Premier Firewall allows you to implement best security practices that state that your mission-critical applications and data should be isolated in secure segments and apply ‘never trust and always verify‘ principles at each segmentation point. This firewall can be used as a gateway within your virtual network or in between the Cloud Servers. This allows protection of east-west traffic by exerting control based on application and user identity. Premium Firewall Features

Dynamic Address Groups

Multiple tags representing virtual machine attributes, such as IP address and operating system, can be resolved within a Dynamic Address Group, allowing you to easily apply policies to virtual machines, as they are created or travel across the network, without administrative intervention.

Application Visibility

IP addresses and port numbers are useful for network devices but tell you nothing about what is on the network. Knowledge of the applications, users and content traversing the network provides an organization with the power to quickly determine the associated risks and quickly respond. Leveraging the rich context provided by our premium firewall, the visualization, analysis and reporting tools, allow an administrator to quickly learn more about network activity and analyze incidents from a current or comparative perspective.

Data Filtering

Feature-level control, file blocking by type, and data filtering features allow organizations to implement a range of policies that can help balance the use of personal or non-work related applications with the business and security risks associated with unauthorized file and data transfer.


Take control over the use of encryption over the network and ensure that it is not being used to conceal unwanted activity or dangerous content. Using policy-based decryption and inspection, administrators can ensure that SSL and SSH are being used for business purposes as opposed to propagation of threats or unauthorized data transfer. The WHOA premium cloud-based firewall can ensure that SSL/SSH sessions are inspected in a safe and secure manner.

Policy Control

The increased visibility into applications, users, and content can help simplify the task of determining which applications are traversing the network, who is using them, and the potential security risk. Armed with these data points, administrators can apply secure enablement policies with a range of responses that are more fine-grained than the traditional allow or deny.


A flexible networking architecture that includes dynamic routing, switching, and VPN connectivity enables organizations to deploy the WHOA premium firewall into nearly any networking environment.

URL Filtering

Acting as the perfect complement to policy-based application control, is an on-box URL filtering database that provides control over related web activity. By addressing the lack of visibility and control from both the application and web perspective, enterprises are safeguarded from a full spectrum of legal, regulatory, productivity, and resource utilization risks.

Virtualization Security

Secure site-to-site and remote user connectivity is a critical infrastructure component for nearly any organization. Our premium firewall platform allows organizations to easily communicate in a secure manner between sites using standards-based IPSec VPN connections while remote user communications are protected through a rich set of VPN features.


Secure site-to-site and remote user connectivity is a critical infrastructure component for nearly any organization. With that in mind, the WHOA premium firewall allows organizations to easily communicate in a secure manner between sites using standards-based IPSec VPN connections, while remote user communications are protected through a rich set of VPN features.

WHOA Support

In offering our cloud-based firewall options to your business, WHOA will help you decide the optimum setup for your unique business architecture. Regardless of which of our firewalls you select, we will work with you to make sure that you enjoy a secure business atmosphere in which you can work confidently. The customizable features will further enhance your network, and give you the control to manage it for optimum performance and privacy. With the protection of our cloud-based firewall offerings, and the support of our experts during setup and beyond, your network and valuable information will be comprehensively protected.

For more detailed information on’s Firewall Service or any of our managed or professional services please contact us.