The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

Cloud Security Requires More than Just a Single Firewall

It’s often overlooked that maintaining the highest levels of infrastructure security is beyond just having a single firewall protecting your servers.

With typical service providers, the provider allows all traffic to flow into their data centers without the benefit of an extra set of eyes or additional layers of firewall security.

This permits various types of malicious traffic such as viruses, malware, and Trojans to penetrate into your specific environment and potentially compromise your data.

Understanding How Threats are Delivered

Threats are delivered via applications that:
• Dynamically hop ports
• Use non-standard ports
• Tunnel within other applications
• Hide within proxies, SSL or other types of encryption

Having a layered security model ensures that you’ve not only locked the front door of your house but that you also have a watchdog scaring those intruders away by making it extra difficult to break in.

Let’s take a look at the layered security model – we call it “defense-in-depth” – that offers. At the perimeter we have next generation firewalls by Palo Alto – a three-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader. Add to that Palo Alto Threat Detection (IDS) and Threat Prevention (IPS). These all work together to protect our customers from vulnerability exploits, buffer overflows, DoS/DDoS attacks and port scans.

With Threat Manager, you no longer have to be concerned if your host-based anti-virus is blocking all viruses or worry that you don’t have the latest virus definitions. An in-line anti-virus like Thread Manager blocks malware, PDF/HTML/JavaScript infected files, spyware downloads, spyware phone home, and Trojans at the gateway before it reaches any target servers.

WHOA secure cloud protects our customers’ data and infrastructure with best-in-class security by offering both perimeter security firewalls and your own isolated firewall. Having two firewalls is definitely industry best-practice in any hosted data center, and we recommend it to all our clients if they want to sleep well at night.