WHOA.com offers a variety of secure cloud solutions to fit every need.


Secure Public Cloud

The WHOA.com Secure Public Cloud Service is a multi-tenant, highly available, managed cloud service provided in only Tier IV Data Centers. Our cloud solution uses a highly secure, best-in-class infrastructure that provides customers their own private, self-contained virtual data centers, with each environment providing operating systems, applications, and additional services that meet customer needs. 

Our expert WHOA.com Cloud Engineers will assist customers in customizing and configuring their cloud environments. 

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Private Cloud

Private cloud solutions deliver similar advantages to public cloud including scalability and self-service, however unlike public clouds, they are used exclusively by a single subscriber in our data centers.

Not all organizations require the offerings of a private cloud, but for businesses needing custom architecture, specific compliance needs, or running applications with high computing needs, they are a necessity. WHOA provides a fully managed private cloud, where we support your dedicated hardware and network, as well as the operating systems and applications we offer.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds combine the benefits of public and private clouds that are integrated through networking to offer the perfect solution for many businesses. Integrating the scalability, power, and capacity of a public cloud with some of the advanced personalization options of a private cloud can produce an ideal cloud computing environment.

Some businesses need the ability to run scaled out applications on a public cloud to save on computing costs, and run applications with specialized requirements on the private cloud. Hybrid cloud solutions allow both of these applications running on different cloud platforms to work together.

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Disaster Recovery

WHOA.com offers fully-Managed Replication & Continuity Services to meet your critical disaster recovery strategy. We eliminate the complexity and cost of having to build out fully redundant systems to have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan.

Our Managed Replication & Continuity Services provide duplicate Cloud Servers waiting to be activated at a secondary data center in the event that disaster strikes at your primary data center. This service provides the assurance that your business can be sustained, as we quickly bring up your protected environment in a secondary Tier IV Data Center.

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Managed Cloud Services

OS Managed Patching

This service provides proactive notification and installation of vendor Operating System patches for Cloud Servers in both the WHOA Public Cloud and WHOA Private Cloud solutions and provides protection against vulnerabilities in OS’s that create security weaknesses.

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Managed Exchange

Keep the benefits of Microsoft Exchange without the hassle of managing it.  The Standard Exchange CAL provides all of the standard features for email, and collaborative tools such as shared calendars, tasks, notes, address books, contacts, and more. 

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Managed Monitoring

WhoaLogic Monitoring Managed Service serves as additional support to your IT team to monitor and resolve critical alerts for you 24x7x365. This includes proactive and comprehensive monitoring of your Cloud Solutions in a customizable dashboard and a quarterly review of your cloud environments with our engineers to ensure critical components are met.

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Professional Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy

WHOA.com recognizes the significance of having a comprehensive cloud strategy, and so we offer a consultative Cloud Strategy Service to our customers that are beginning to, or in the process of, putting one together. Our team of Cloud experts will work with you on understanding all of your organization’s needs, and provide guidance and consultation in whichever stage you’re in on your cloud journey.

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WHOA.com offers a Migration Service to assist with many of your migration needs.  Whether you're moving from an on-premise IT environment to the cloud, or migrating data from one cloud to another, WHOA can help with this most cirtical step in the process.  Our migration engineers can handle the entire process including analysis and the actual physical relocation of your infrastructure. 

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

WHOA.com focuses our disaster recovery approach on the critical business systems, processes, and IT components of your business. With a plan ready for execution in the event of a natural or artificial disaster, your business's information and systems will be protected.  In addition, designing a business continuity plan will ensure that your business stays running in the event of a disaster.  Two very critical components to the success of your business. 

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Compliance and Security

WHOA.com’s Public and Private Cloud infrastructure comes with the ISO 27001 certification, which is a widely recognized and valued certification and is the only auditable international standard which defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

See the benefits to your business of partnering with an ISO 27001-certified cloud solutions provider by clicking on the link below. 

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