The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

Cloud Strategy

A well-designed Cloud Strategy will help your business run more seamlessly.

More business are investing less money in
on-premise IT infrastructure,

and cloud adoption continues to increase as businesses are looking to move more workloads and applications to the cloud – whether it be public, private, or hybrid cloud. Whether you’re in the research and exploratory stage, or if you are already utilizing the cloud for some of your workloads, we can help you understand and put together a Cloud Strategy to help optimize your IT environments regardless of what step you’re in on the process.

Our team will help you understand the technology on the different cloud platforms, how to manage and monitor your virtualized environment in the cloud, and implement best practices. All while understanding your budget and helping set the right priorities for your cloud strategy. WHOA will then help put together a migration plan once the workloads and applications have been determined and mapped out.

Our Cloud Strategy service will also help you understand other key products and services that will make sense for your organization including backups, security services, Disaster Recovery plan, or any of our Managed Services that will augment and simplify your everyday business operations.

For more detailed information on’s Cloud Strategy Service or any of our managed or professional services please contact us.