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Compliance & Security

We provide foundational security and compliance for your business demands.

Commitment to deliver compliance and cloud services with integrated security’s Public and Private Cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001:2013 certified, which is a widely recognized and valued certification. ISO is the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

For businesses in regulated industries; the compliant cloud maps your PCI DSS Requirements to our secure cloud solutions, utilizing common sense steps that mirror security best practices, or show you how they map to HIPAA policies and ultimately to the Code of Federal Regulations for HIPAA compliance.

ISO 27001:2013 allows the information security function inside Finance, IT and Operations organizations (FITOPs) to be proactive in developing, deploying, managing, and maintaining an information security program while ensuring business continuity across the company. Providing Customers ISO 27001 certification helps:

  • Manage and protect valuable information assets.
  • Demonstrates the independent assurance of internal controls.
  • Meets corporate governance and business continuity requirements.
  • Independently demonstrates that applicable laws and regulations are observed.
  • Provides businesses the ability to demonstrate to their customers that the security of their data is crucial.

Additionally, all our data centers are SSAE 16-certified Tier IV facilities, and we adhere to the Data Protection Act of 1998, which is foundational for HIPAA and PCI compliance. SOC reports available upon request.


Enjoy a Fully Managed, Secure Cloud Infrastructure

If you have PCI or HIPAA compliance requirements, please contact our Senior Solution Consultants to determine what solutions we have that best meet your compliance needs and explore all of our security products and services including firewalls, encryption tools for data in flight and at rest, as well as tools and processes on how to mitigate potential security risks and vulnerabilities.

For more detailed information on’s Compliance & Security Service or any of our managed or professional services please contact us.