The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

Creating a Secure Multi-tenant Architecture from the Ground Up

When you’re looking for a secure cloud solution for your business, would you prefer a solution that tacks on security as an afterthought, or one that is built from the ground up with security in mind?

If data security is important for your business, then the “built from the ground up with security” option is the clear choice. Weaving strong security into every aspect of a cloud environment from beginning to end results in a stronger, safer cloud than starting with an exposed environment and offering to throw some security measures in there later. This is especially true in multi-tenant architectures.

Securing Public Clouds with Firewalls

A truly secure cloud solution comes with both external and internal security measures for every user on that cloud. Simply adding a single perimeter firewall isn’t enough to ensure data security on the cloud.

To ensure that every tenant in a multitenant architecture is protected against intrusion attempts both external and internal, per-tenant firewalls are a must. These extra internal firewalls help ensure that if one tenant on the cloud is compromised, all of the other tenants are still protected against intrusion attempts.

WHOA partners with both Palo Alto Networks and VMware to deliver perimeter, and per-tenant firewalls. Palo Alto’s industry-leading perimeter firewall uses a zero-trust architecture that has access rules for all traffic, regardless of source.

VMware’s vShield Edge per-tenant internal firewalls work to isolate each virtual environment located on a multi-tenant cloud. With these internal protections in place, your data is protected in case of an attack originating from within the cloud environment itself.

These protections have to be available to all users of a multi-tenant architecture, or else the security of each is compromised.

Secure Data Centers

Another important aspect of a secure multitenant architecture is the physical security of the hardware that houses your cloud environment. If the data center where your hardware is located isn’t secure, then neither is your data. uses Tier IV data centers, the same kind of data centers used by some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies and the government, to provide best-in-class physical security to prevent unauthorized access to your cloud architecture. WHOA’s data centers use biometric verification checkpoints, security patrols, and 24/7 surveillance to keep intruders from physically accessing the hardware that runs your cloud.

Thwarting Data Thieves with Strong Data-at-Rest Encryption

If hackers manage to penetrate every last security measure you have and get at the files in your cloud environment, a truly secure cloud can still thwart them by keeping your data encrypted. This can provide you with time to warn customers of the breach and to take measures to protect their financial identities before the thieves can start to abuse the stolen data.’s enterprise secure cloud platform integrates Vormetric’s robust encryption architecture to provide data-at-rest encryption with strong tokenization for data access that keeps unauthorized users from being able to read your data.

In order to be secure, a multitenant architecture needs to have multiple layers of security from beginning to end.