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Cybersecurity as a State of Mind

Cybersecurity is a constant concern for modern businesses. With the sheer amount of sensitive data that companies need to handle and store for their day-to-day operations, business infrastructures make tempting targets for data thieves the world over.

There are numerous threats to the security of your company’s sensitive data, from hackers, to disgruntled employees working from the inside. The sheer variety of attack types and sources is one reason whycloud security is about having an end-to-end security strategy that enables new levels of visibility, insight, control and protection.

Cloud security is about having an end-to-end security strategy that enables new levels of visibility, insight, control and protection.

In other words, to keep your data safe and secure takes more than just a passive approach to cybersecurity, it requires adopting cybersecurity as a state of mind. This can mean many things, but here’s how maintains a cybersecurity state of mind:

Putting Security First When Building Cloud Environments

All of’s cloud environments are created from the ground up with cybersecurity in mind. Not only is the physical hardware used by WHOA stored exclusively in secure, Tier IV data centers, there are security measures available at multiple levels, including:

  • Data at rest encryption
  • Perimeter firewall with IDS and IPS
  • Per-tenant firewalls
  • VMware vShield Edge Load Balancer
  • DDOS Protection
  • Site-to-site VPN

These are all security features available to every cloud environment.

When these features are not integrated correctly into your cloud solution, it can result in gaps or weaknesses in your company’s cybersecurity framework, as some features might be missing, or poorly integrated.

Constant Vigilance Against New Threats

There are countless attacks on business infrastructure every day. According to statistics cited by a CNN Money article from April of 2015, there were over “317 million new pieces of malware” created during the previous year.

That’s hundreds of thousands of new threats being generated every single day. In the face of this flood of malware, a lax stance towards updating security rules and virus definitions isn’t just insufficient: it’s unforgivable.

This is part of the reason why WHOA works with numerous cloud security firms to ensure that it has the latest protections against malware, security exploits, and other data theft strategies. For example, Palo Alto, which has been recognized as a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader on numerous occasions, updates their firewall’s security protocols every 15 minutes to keep up with the ever-evolving threats to your data security. supplements this by using custom security rules to counter each newly-identified threat after a customer encounters it. This way, when one of’s customers encounters a new threat, all customers will be protected against that same threat without having to wait for an update from a third party.

In a world where hundreds of thousands of new threats emerge daily, maintaining a cybersecurity state of mind requires constant vigilance.

Your business deserves a partner that has a cybersecurity state of mind. Moreover, keeping your information safe requires one.