The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

Enterprise to Cloud – Maintaining Control

In today’s world of applications, it is expected and beneficial to have access from anywhere at any time.

Businesses realize that the persistent data that resides within their given application has to be governed within the confines of their organization. It sets a standard of controls that need to be in place to ensure information remains protected and governed at all times.

So the question remains regarding who has the ultimate control of not just the application, but persistent data. Having the ability to transparently access data and infrastructure “beyond” the confines of the corporate on-premise data center, seems too good to be realistic in the cloud.

Realizing that a Cloud Provider that provides solutions that are transparent and willing to allow such control that mirrors the enterprise is key. Having a provider offer up secure and performance-based monitoring platforms that scale across the cloud and the enterprise is the differentiator to true transparency. Essentially – an enterprise IT administrator will have fluid access between both their data center and the cloud that transparently blurs the lines. A transparent and tangible Cloud Solution provides governance while maintaining a high level of security, compliance, and performance, thus offering assurance through disaster recovery solutions that can easily handle production workloads – and migrations.

Understanding that a Cloud Provider that offers solutions that are featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant essentially allows us to compete with those who are also within those same quadrants. Utilizing a Cloud Provider that can match and exceed services while maintaining transparency and tangibility that gives the governance back to the enterprise customer, is what turns an empowering career-based decision to go the Cloud that adds relevance to the company strategy and their roadmap to get their applications governed and accessible from anywhere while increasing success in service level metrics throughout the organization.

While the cloud isn’t for every business, it can be a highly useful tool for small businesses that need powerful computing capabilities that are flexible on a tight budget.

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