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Get Data Protection for Small Businesses You Can Count On

The threats to a small business’ data are numerous. From attacks by hackers, to potential hardware, software, and network failures that can take a datacenter down, there is no end to the threats to business data.

Even the big players struggle with data protection, as numerous headline-making data breaches and losses of service prove. Small businesses need data protection that they can count on, but the cost of applying cutting-edge solutions internally can have a significant impact on an SMB’s budget.

Enter cloud-based services for security and disaster recovery.

Cloud Security and Data Protection

Leveraging cloud-based security for key protection measures provides numerous benefits for businesses—not the least of which is a significant reduction in capital expenses compared to implementing these security measures internally.

Cloud service providers that offer security often have the ability to provide multiple layers of security that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive for SMBs to license and implement internally. Additionally, these providers may have a team of security experts to help businesses close their security vulnerabilities and maximize protection.

Preventing Data Loss with Disaster Recovery

Another key data protection issue is the potential loss of data after a disastrous event. This isn’t limited to natural disasters. Data loss can be caused by electrical and hardware failures (like what happened to Delta Airlines earlier this month), human error, software failures, and other random events.

This is where disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) becomes critical. DRaaS that leverages virtualization can help provide fast, flexible recovery from a data loss event. DRaaS with recent recovery point objectives (RPOs) minimizes data loss when a disaster strikes.

Both security and DRaaS can be delivered in a cost-effective manner over the cloud. However, it’s important to thoroughly vet such services before adopting them. Checking things such as the specific technologies used to deliver services and the support the provider offers can help small to midsize businesses find the best service partner to protect their data.

With the right security and DRaaS, you can keep your data safe from theft and loss.