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How Much Time Do You Want to Spend on Trying to Figure out Your Cyber Security?

How much time do you want to spend trying to figure out cybersecurity when you can have it already done?

In today’s market, innovation is no longer a nicety—it’s a necessity. Business leaders from SMBs to enterprise are racing to digitally transform current business processes to leverage their data for insights. While migrating to the cloud allows a company to be nimble, the looming threats in the cybersecurity landscape causes too many companies to drag their feet, creating yet another risk—losing competitive advantage out of fear. 

It doesn’t have to be so.
CIOs no longer need to sit on their hands worrying about each and every cloud vulnerability before they execute their digital transformation plans. The cost of hiring security experts to stay on top of zero-day-threats, remote access and firewall policies can cannibalize nearly one-third of an IT budget. While most agree that security must be ‘top of mind’, the more money that can be spent towards innovation, the better positioned that company is for growth. 

Many cybersecurity threats can be averted with cloud platforms and infrastructure that with built in security. Let’s look at the top 10 threats that you could protect against with a secure cloud:

  • Data breach

  • Compromised credentials and broken authentication

  • Hacked interfaces and APIs

  • Exploited system vulnerabilities

  • The APT parasite: advanced persistent threats

  • Permanent data loss

  • Inadequate diligence

  • Cloud service abuses: Spam and phishing emails, and hosting malicious content.

  • DoS attacks

  • Insecure carrier cloud infrastructure: Shared tenancy vulnerabilities 

The secure cloud advantage.
With Cloud, SMBs and Enterprises have to fear no more. WHOA Cloud has a suite of managed cloud solutions that are purpose-built to protect companies against the most common threats today. With both public and private cloud environments to choose from, WHOA Cloud managed solutions and security experts are uniquely poised to handle and mitigate cyber-attacks than the average IT team. 

Built by a team of security experts, WHOA’s cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001-certified and deployed on the industry’s finest hardware and software technology partners (VMware, Cisco and Microsoft to name a few). With cloud deployments in Tier IV data centers and WHOA’s Visionary Perimeter Firewall, you can trust that your data and mission critical applications are valiantly monitored and protected with unbeatable levels of high availability, connectivity, uptime and security.  

Whether you have the capital to fortify your security resources or not, you can be confident in adopting the cloud and executing your digital roadmap.  By migrating to WHOA Cloud’s secure platform, you’ll have built in security measures without compromising network performance or agility. Request a demo today!