The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

How the Cloud Drives Ease of IT Management

If you’re a CIO or other high-level IT-focused person in your company, then you probably have spent more than a few sleepless nights trying to manage the needs of your company’s infrastructure. From procurement, to contracts, to maintenance, to threat response, managing your infrastructure can be a massive workload to deal with.

Every minute you spend trying to manage your IT infrastructure is a minute that’s being taken away from your ability to focus on core business operations.

So, how can you alleviate this burden and get some peace of mind regarding your IT infrastructure?

One way is to use the cloud for your IT infrastructure needs. With the cloud, getting peace of mind is easy, and you’ll be able to focus more on your core business rather than micromanaging IT minutiae.

Peace of Mind for IT Security

The security of the cloud can be a vast improvement over your existing on-premises solution. For a cloud service provider, IT is the core focus of the business. Because of this, they can afford to invest in top-notch security for their infrastructure that goes well beyond what most on-premises solutions can boast. This helps to make the cloud much more resilient to attack than on-premises infrastructure.

For example, in a Forbes article about cloud security, an Alert Logic study of 70,000 security breaches was cited for key statistics. The study cited that “malware slipped into 36% of on-premises systems, versus only 4% within cloud service providers’ systems.” Additionally, “the average number of web application attacks is 61.4 among on-premise customers and 27.8 on service provider customers.”

In short, not only are attacks less frequent against cloud environments, they’re less successful on average.

Of course, not all cloud environments are the same. To get the most peace of mind out of a cloud infrastructure, it’s important to use a service that was built from the ground up with security in mind. Simply tacking on a couple of security add-ons isn’t going to be as impactful as having a security solution that uses multiple layers out of the box.

For example, top-notch cloud security will use not just perimeter firewalls, but per-tenant and per-app firewalls as well. This keeps your company’s critical data securely quarantined from intrusion attempts.

Saving Time On IT Management

Many cloud providers offer managed services for things like migrating apps & data, monitoring your cloud environment, and handling security updates.

Better yet, you can get a one-stop monitoring shop for your environment. The service provider can deploy a collector onto your environment, which collects the information you need into a single dashboard. This saves time logging into multiple systems to read individual reports.

Between the managed services and the single-dashboard login, the amount of time you and the rest of your IT department can save on dealing with mundane IT tasks can be phenomenal.

Focusing On Mission-Critical Work and Objectives

Using the managed services and security of the cloud doesn’t eliminate the need for IT staff in an organization; it simply frees you from having to worry about dealing with the minutiae of managing IT infrastructure and lets you focus on your core business goals.

This helps you and your IT staff get more done with the resources you have on hand.

Find out more about how the right cloud service provider can drive ease of IT management and security for your company today!