The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

Is Your Cloud Providing Enough Security for Your Business?

Security of sensitive data continues to be a major issue for companies of all sizes. However, not all (or even most) companies can afford the kind of heavy IT security investments it takes to create a truly secure IT infrastructure with an on-premises system.

Between the physical hardware needed to create an infrastructure that’s strong enough to meet your business objectives, and the software licenses and equipment needed to keep it running safely and effectively, the CAPEX and OPEX costs for an on-premises IT infrastructure can be immense.

Since running a secure on-premises infrastructure is so difficult and expensive, many companies are turning to the cloud to meet their business infrastructure needs. However, you might still have one question: “does the security of the cloud stand up to my business requirements?”

The short answer is yes, if you have the right cloud service provider. What does “the right cloud service provider” mean? It means:

Security from the Ground Up

Many commodity clouds treat security as an extra-cost add-on service. On these clouds, security features are patched in rather than being included with the basic service. To get the security you need to support your business requirements, security needs to be built into your cloud from the ground up.

For premium cloud service providers such as, security is built into the cloud solution. At every layer from the perimeter, to the virtual environment, to each app, WHOA integrates security measures such as firewalls, antivirus, and encryption to protect mission-critical apps and data.

By integrating security at every layer from the get-go, WHOA helps to ensure that every tenant on the cloud is protected from data breach risks.

Constant Vigilance and Updates

Hackers are constantly seeking to exploit weaknesses in the programs used to fulfill your business’ goals. As these weaknesses are discovered, security companies and software makers release updates to eliminate these vulnerabilities so that they cannot be used against you.

In addition to security vulnerabilities, hackers are continuously devising new variations of malware to use. Keeping up with these threats requires constant vigilance and frequent updates to the security rules for firewalls and other security measures.

This is part of the reason why WHOA uses four-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader Palo Alto Network’s firewall and security solutions. With this service, the threat database is updated every 15 minutes to protect against the latest threatening IP addresses and malware.

On top of that, WHOA can also use custom traffic rules to protect against specific threats independently of the PAN updates, and apply those rules to every tenant on WHOA’s cloud. This level of vigilance is mandatory to keep your most sensitive data secure against modern threats.

When you have the right cloud partner, meeting your business objectives while keeping your data secure from theft can be simple.

This begs the question: Do you have the right cloud business partner?