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It Is All About Integrity When It Comes To Selecting Who To Trust With Your Data

It is all about integrity in when it comes to selecting a solid and secure partner for stability and solidarity.

Integrity should be demonstrated throughout systems and platforms that are relied upon for financial and personal security in the realm of secure cloud computing. We all want to trustthose who manage our data, whether it comes from a retailer, a product such as a solid smartphone, or a medical practice that stores our precious healthcare vital records. It all boils down to integrity of both systems and the data that resides on such platforms.

Benefits: To demonstrate integrity for high level systems that may support e-commerce or medical systems a solid integrity monitoring platform must be in place. In cloud today, not many companies mention the untold benefits of a File Integrity Monitoring Platform or FIM. These systems offer up several advantages for both secured data and secure systems that manage such critical information.

Data Prevention and Remediation: FIM is quite an amazing platform that should be at the same forefront as Anti-Malware simply because definitions cannot always protect data until discovered – after the fact. It is similar to a police force that acts reactively instead of proactively.

Once a crime is committed, then it is recorded and has not been prevented.
Imagine a police force that can actively see crimes in action and react and know what, when, where, how, and why such a breach or incident happened and prevent them from happening again! FIM can monitor several systems across the cloud stack and on Microsoft and Open-Source platforms. FIM can also maintain files similar to a snapshot in time and allow you to revert back to original files!

Advanced Configuration Monitoring: FIM also works on the registry within Windows. So if a key changes in the Operating System (OS), then FIM can notify a Security Operations Center via a logging platform that can be archived and a trail can be established. It also monitors Linux systems and database platforms.

Compliance: It is used and required to meet PCI DSS Compliance in requirement areas 10 and 11. It is also used to meet HIPAA compliance in several standards including the modification tracking of electronic Protected Health Information or ePHI.

Change Management: It can be used to verify and monitor change management which is also a part of PCI DSS, and ISO 27001. It also helps HIPAA controls to be maintained with security and data assurance.

In summary, there are several benefits to such a platform that is hardly mentioned in the cloud computing vertical or even the enterprise. It is a toolset that helps on many fronts and it even helps in recovering the devastation that can be possible if an anti-malware system detected foul play or not – after the fact.

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