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Maximum Security In The Cloud

The various security challenges from an IT perspective include balancing the importance of access privileges with regulatory compliance concerns, in addition to data location and a solid Disaster Recovery (DR) or Business Continuity Plan.

This applies no matter what you’re doing online. You may be just serving up a website, or possibly running a full e-commerce operation. Or you may be doing back-office operations or running testing and development environments in the cloud.

Getting Maximum Security in the Cloud

There’s plenty to be concerned about. Symantec reports there was a 62% increase in the number of breaches in 2013, in their 2014 Internet Security Threat Report. So IT experts and online business owners must do their due diligence in order to operate on the web in a safe and secure manner. With this comes the need for continuous education and awareness of the options available to you.

When does it make sense to move my infrastructure to a cloud hosting services provider? What type of cloud services should I use? What are my responsibilities? What are my vendor’s responsibilities? What do I need to do to avoid putting my business at risk?

Whether you’re a Systems Admin, IT Director, CIO, CTO, CFO or CEO, it’s important to fully vet the cloud provider you’re considering. You need to ask some hard questions to determine if their services and solutions – and perhaps most importantly, their approach to security – meets your business needs. Not just today, but also next month, and even three years from now. Are they on the cutting edge of security? Will they work with you in a true partner relationship to ensure your data and operations are safe and secure? Can they assist your organization with planning and solutions architecture?

With’s industry leading threat prevention “multiple layers of security” approach, we truly partner with our clients. Our goal is to mitigate risks and allow you to operate in the cloud with confidence. We believe that your success is our success. We provide a secure cloud infrastructure that meets your unique specifications so you can focus on your business.