MSP Reseller Partner Program

Resell our Cybersecure and Compliant Cloud. No Commitments. No Obligations. MSP Partners include IT Partners

that focus on providing a range of IT Managed Services and earn revenue by reselling secure cloud services and their own related support offerings into their client MSP Partners own the customer relationship and are developing a robust services practice.

They work closely with to develop collaborative solutions and offerings and own the entire customer relationship, including marketing and sales, ordering, billing, and first and second-level support. Compensation to the partner is provided in the form of a monthly recurring discount percentage based on the Partner tier qualification.

MSP Partner Program

The MSP Partner Program delivers benefits, incentives and sales resources designed to help you drive new opportunities and increase your profitability when selling solutions and services.

As a MSP Partner, you can take advantage of exceptional sales and technical training, marketing and sales tools, and sales and technical support that position you as a trusted advisor while enabling you to offer additional value to your customers.

Tier-Based Benefits

The MSP and Reseller Partner Programs include four tiers of participation based on investment and associated benefits and rewards, with Authorized as the entry-tier and Platinum as the highest tier.

The Authorized Tier is the entry point for all MSP Partners and includes a variety of benefits often seen at higher levels, including attractive discounts, access to free online sales and technical training, tools and support, but without a minimum annual revenue requirement. Many Authorized partners quickly invest and rise to qualify for the Silver tier. MSP Partner Benefits is committed to offering you a set of robust benefits and incentives as well as ensuring it is easy to do business with us.

  • Cutting Edge Cyber Secure Cloud PlatformTM (CSCP)
  • Full Set of Solutions – IaaS, Compliance, PCI, HIPAA, BC/DR, all with our Threat Observation PlatformTM Security Advantage
  • Flexible Deployment Options – Customizable to Customer Needs
  • Strong Alliance Ecosystem & Commitment to Partnering
  • Comprehensive Enablement Support
  • White Glove Support from Innovative CSP
  • Our Commitment to Ease of Doing Business!
  • Startup Development Funds & Incentives

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