Proactive and Hassle-free Patch Management. offers an OS Managed Patching Service to be able to provide proactive notification and installation of vendor Operating System (OS) patches for Cloud Servers in both the WHOA Public Cloud and WHOA Private Cloud solutions and provides protection against vulnerabilities in OSs that create security weaknesses. This service will proactively provide patch deployments by notifying and installing the vendor published operating system patches for Cloud Servers. 

We will prioritize the patch updates when made available, test the updates against our images, prepare each system for the update, install the software, and reboot if necessary according to the coordinated maintenance window provided by Customers.

If you would like more information regarding our OS Managed Patching Service, please complete our contact form or call us directly at 877 700 9462.

OS Managed Patching

OS Managed Patching Service

Service PerformedManaged Patching
Identify and Schedule Maintenance Window  
Identify patches available for supported OS's  
Provision to test and approve patches prior to bulk deployment  
Deploy patches to corresponding servers  
Remediation and/or Rollback if patches failed  
Updates on failed patch deployments  
Deploy Microsoft Hotfix (Per Customer Request)*