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WHOA.com Cyber Secure Cloud Platform (pdf)

Multi-Layered Approach to Security – eBook (pdf)

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Handbook – eBook (pdf)

How SMBs Can Leverage Enterprise Secure Cloud Solutions (pdf)

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Threat Observation Platform

WhoaLogic Monitoring

Secure Cloud

Cloud 101

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The WHOA.com Advantage: Our Cyber Secure Cloud Platform

Threat Detection and Prevention

Cloud platform deployed with enterprise-grade intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, and perimeter security services.

Multi-Layered Security

Cloud platform utilizes multiple layers of security that focuses on three key areas: physical, software, and infrastructure.

Compliance and Certifications

Easily implement effective controls, policies, and procedures to protect data, and maintain compliance with a broad range of requirements.

Enterprise Architecture

Best in class commitment to technology including datacenters, connectivity, hardware, and security.

Real Time Monitoring

Organizations are provided with visibility and transparency for cloud security, and resource performance in real time.

Multiple Top Tier Data Centers

Use of multiple top tier datacenters to provide bi-coastal redundancy, and enforce rigorous security policies.