Secure Cloud Solutions

WHOA promotes maximum levels of security, compliance, and customizable options, offering secure cloud solutions suited for all types of businesses. Most importantly, we will help your business to meet all of your unique certification demands, and are equipped to do so through the many certifications and licenses we possess.

Our clients can begin their secure cloud experience with either a single server or proceed straight to a custom configuration featuring quality cloud components such as cloud load balancers, firewalls, and content delivery networks (CDNs). Custom configurations combine the most requested features from WHOA Networks' secure cloud portfolio with the infrastructure and software resources necessary to run your global business reliably. Whether compliance, performance, collaboration, or redundancy sit atop your priority list, all of the ingredients for a secure cloud infrastructure can be found at WHOA.


High Traffic And High Performance

Modern business requires a higher level of performance than ever before, which is why WHOA has designed our secure cloud solutions with a focus on achieving this goal. Our top rank in overall performance helps transactional businesses stay in sync and be prepared to accommodate high levels of traffic. Whether surges in resource requirements come from predictable schedules such as office application traffic and online ordering trends, or are the results of unanticipated spikes in usage, your business will be protected and prepared. Under the coverage of WHOA Networks' secure cloud environment, your customers will enjoy an uninterrupted experience, regardless of surges in demand.


Disaster Prevention



WHOA recognizes the vital importance of disaster prevention, and has designed its secure cloud infrastructure to greatly mitigate this risk. Our secure cloud infrastructure ensures maximum availability with a secure portal equipped for the most flexible and reliable server resource management, making disaster prevention an achievable reality. With WHOA, failovers can be initiated within minutes, putting your business in position for an almost immediate recovery. In working with WHOA, you are able to select the point in time at which a test or failover occurs at the time of execution. As a result, our clients test or failover to a point in time before a malady occurs.

Service level agreements (SLAs) are available that specify response time, recovery time objectives, and recovery point objectives to best meet our customers’ needs. With the combination of WHOA Networks' focus on disaster prevention and customizable secure cloud infrastructure, your business will be fully protected against the potential dangers of a failure.

PCI DSS 2.0 Compliant

As the eCommerce industry continues to develop and evolve, the demands of compliance have become increasing complex, yet absolutely critical to secure and trustworthy business operations. In light of these challenges, the WHOA secure cloud environment is structured to help customers achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. Our secure cloud environment provides the necessary structure and security measures demanded in this industry, and is designed to help your business become compliant.

Featuring fully managed infrastructure and logical security, our secure cloud environment fortifies the integrity of payment card data and processing, while offering all the benefits of WHOA Networks' cloud services. Your business will be able to tackle the complexity of the PCI DSS's technical requirements quickly and effectively with our audited and certified cloud infrastructure. Achieving PCI DSS compliance will be simple with the help of WHOA, and will encourage your customers to utilize your business with confidence.


HIPAA Compliant


While the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) has been law for many years, updates and additions to the law in recent years have increased the demands and importance of compliance. However, rather than complicating your business's ability to achieve compliance, cloud computing can actually make this task simpler. WHOA is fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations, having achieved certification in this capacity, and will minimize the potential difficulty of compliance from your concerns.

In fact, the WHOA secure cloud environment is specifically structured to ease the burden on customers seeking HIPAA compliance. Our secure cloud infrastructure is designed to help your business tackle the complexity of HIPAA’s technical requirements quickly and effectively. Unlike off-the-shelf cloud solutions, our offerings can be tailored to meet our customers' specific topology and service level needs, enabling them to meet even the most demanding requirements from their end users. With the support of WHOA, your business will readily achieve HIPAA compliance, protecting you from potential problems, and allowing your customers to confidently interact with your business.

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