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Security & Compliance

The secure cloud provides the foundation for our hosted compliant solutions. Our cloud services meet stringent IT and compliance regulations that govern your business.

Cloud Firewalls

The Firewall is a standard security feature included on all of our cloud solutions.  To provide our clients a secure cloud, we offer two network firewall options as part of our layered approach to security to provide protection for our networks against all threats.

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Web Application Firewalls

Web-application firewalls filter and block nonessential traffic at the application layer. Used in conjunction with a network-based firewall, a properly configured web-application firewall prevents application-layer attacks if applications are improperly coded or configured.

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File Integrity Monitoring

The requirement of a File Integrity Monitoring tool, also known as change audit, monitors files of all types and identifies changes in these files that can potentially put your sensitive data at risk. Files monitored include configuration files, executables, registry files…

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ASV Scans’s fully featured and highly configurable vulnerability scanning solution provides ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) scans as recognized by PCI Council that helps enterprises, payment gateways, and e-commerce merchants quickly achieve PCI scan compliance.

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Threat Observation Monitoring

Our intuitive platform monitors threat severity, displays the total number of threats blocked, and shows you where threats originated, by country and IP address. Fortify your cybersecurity today with’s advanced security features.

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Information gathered by Threat Manager is automatically correlated by the patented Alert Logic expert system with deep packet traffic analysis to suppress false attacks and provide the customer with detailed insight into the nature…

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Password Management Password Management solution, secures access to your applications and information assets by providing a single-sign on solution. This Password Manager solution eliminates the need for user to know or remember the passwords.

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Network Penetration Testing

At, our penetration testing security engineers are battle-tested on the front lines every day. We deliver comprehensive security intelligence that lowers risk, prioritizes solutions, and minimizes business disruptions.

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For more detailed information on’s Security & Compliance Service or any of our managed or professional services please contact us.