The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

Streamline Your Business with a Secure Cloud Solution

When you’re a CIO for a company, odds are that simply keeping up with your business’ IT infrastructure needs is a full-time job. Streamlining operations so that you can spend less time on minor maintenance tasks and focus on driving your business’ primary goals can help you be more productive and effective.

Using a secure cloud solution for infrastructure can help you streamline operations. However, it’s important to use the right cloud solution, and to have a plan for how you’re going to streamline operations and protect your company’s data before you pick a cloud services provider.

Handling IT Security

One of the things that can keep any CIO up at night is the near-constant threat of a data breach. When you’re using an on-premises infrastructure, your data security rests solely in your hands and relies on the vigilance of your staff alone.

Secure cloud service providers can help streamline the amount of time you spend on ensuring security for your apps and data in a number of ways.

First, cloud environments are typically much more secure than on-premises environments to begin with. The cloud service provider, as an IT-focused company, can typically afford to invest more on security for their infrastructure. This results in a stronger security perimeter that’s more resistant to attack.

Second, a premium cloud service provider will often offer monitoring for your cloud environment. This shifts most of the workload for detecting threats and securing your IT environment to the cloud provider, allowing your IT staff to focus on other tasks.

Finally, using a secure cloud removes the need to manage the physical security of your infrastructure. With an on-premises solution, you have to handle security protocols and other issues internally to prevent physical intrusions. With a cloud solution, you can take advantage of the data center security measures that your cloud service provider already has in place.

That being said, be sure to check with your cloud provider to see what kind of data centers they use and what security measures they have in place. The best secure clouds are located in Tier IV data centers that use strong security measures such as armed patrols and biometric access restrictions to prevent unauthorized access to server hardware.


Streamlining IT Operations While Improving Security

While having a strong, secure cloud can help you streamline your security needs, you’ll still need a security plan for your company’s employees to follow. In any data security plan, making sure that employees are up to speed with security standards is a must.

For example, you can review basic IT security protocols with every employee, especially when it comes to handling spam emails and protecting access credentials. Then, you could assess employee knowledge of security standards with a quick, simple test. Putting a plan in place to make sure that each employees follows proper security protocols can help keep your company’s infrastructure secure and prevent data breaches.

With the right secure cloud for business, you can easily streamline your IT operations, allowing you to focus on tasks that help you meet your business objectives. Having a plan to make the most out of your cloud infrastructure’s security benefits can help keep your data secure even as you streamline operations.

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