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The Top 3 Myths of Secure Cloud Computing

The Top 3 Myths of Secure Cloud Computing

Cloud Security is a Secret Affair

In today’s world, it doesn’t matter if you are 3 feet, 3 miles, or 3,000 miles away from the data you access within your applications. It is about how that data is handled behind the scenes.

The page you currently access to read this article may be in Miami, Florida or Las Vegas, Nevada. It is essentially accessed from anywhere, to anywhere, but to realize that this information is secured over the Internet and at-rest within a datacenter or even your device is a respective assumption. As you read this article, realize that sensitive information stored as data has to be governed in such a way that is both transparent and tangible, if it resides within a respective cloud provider that offers compliant and secure solutions.

A secure cloud provider must detail how such sensitive information is being handled and that their custodial services of such data remain compliant. There should be no secret of how your data is accessed, who owns it, and how you can get it back in case of a disaster or emergency. provides solutions that go beyond cloud infrastructure to the point where information about your data remains transparent and tangible.

Systems that can log information including incidents, and breaches are the core of our mainstream capabilities, you now have a cloud platform that can tell you more about what, when, where, how, and why – your data was accessed. These controls and services go beyond what is realized within an enterprise; when the tough questions need to be answered, is there to advise.

There is no secret to how we implement our data security standards and policies for your platforms; thus allowing you to answer the toughest questions and supply the evidence during an event or data breach – in rapid fashion with full disclosure.

There is no such thing as a Secure Public Cloud.

The debate goes on about how systems that share certain aspects of infrastructure such as networking and storage are at risk to bleed over into another cloud. There are certain systems and platforms that may not maintain the same levels of secure design and implementations, but generally, systems that are divided by Virtual LANs (VLANS) are initially the main divider of networks across several enterprises that also leverage the same technologies in cloud today. Storage may also be divided by dedicated VLANS and Storage VLANs or VSANs (Virtual Storage Area Networks). So you have you ask yourself if the HR VLAN is not secure, then how can my enterprise be more secure than the Cloud? There is a greater chance of an outdated endpoint desktop gaining access on-premise within the same VLAN, than a system in a Secure Cloud that is inherently protected by carrier-grade platforms and secure controls at all ingress and egress points in the network. has been audited as a Service Provider to be PCI, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 compliant within our Secure Cloud (Secure Multi-tenant Public Cloud).

Going to the Cloud is about giving up control.

In todays, computing and server environments, we still have to maintain a level of administration of users, computers, files, and printers. The responsibilities of business computing have not changed from these Information Technology core values of administration even within the Cloud.

The focus has simply shifted from maintaining a physical environment that is essentially a burden to small and medium sized businesses. We still use operating systems such as Windows and Linux to run our applications that may reside on dedicated virtual servers or even container-based platforms. These applications must still be maintained within the operating system and permissions to gain access must be scrutinized, including updates and patching. It is basically a revised IT function that can focus on the data and applications and not on the infrastructure and the hardware.

Personnel can focus and become empowered on the controls of performance, security, compliance, and data assurance that enhances service levels for the business. gives more insight and control into our systems and platforms across the entire cloud stack that rival onsite, to the point where we offer custom Network Operations panels that include near real-time threat observations, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, and enhanced performance monitoring at our perimeter that can be displayed on a customer’s on-premise monitor or panel.  This allows for full redundancy and full console access to compute, memory, networking, storage, and disaster-recovery with failover testing at your fingertips with security as the inherent concept while maintaining control.