Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Exclusively for Tintri Customers

Bi-coastal Redundancy with Tintri to Tintri replication on the Cloud


Setup Your BC/DR Solution
In Less Than 20 Minutes

 Transform Your Disaster Recovery

Tintri to Tintri disaster recovery and business continuity on the Cloud

Fast, Simple
Disaster Recovery
The simplist way to get your Tintri data offsite safely.
This entry level service will have your data protected in a remote location in no time at all.
Implemented by allocating TB of storage to fit your needs.




Disaster Recovery plus
Business Continuity
The easiest way to get your systems and data accessible in the event of a disaster.
This premium level of service will give your business the resiliency needed in todays market.
In addition to the storage allocation, compute resources will be reserved for your critical systems to be brought online.



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Our Advantages

Visibility into your security on the Cloud

Threat Detection & Prevention
Cloud platform deployed with enterprise-grade
intrusion detection, and intrusion
prevention security services.
Compliance PCI/HIPAA
Easily implement effective controls,
policies, and procedures to protect their
data and maintain compliance.
Real-Time Monitoring
Organizations are able to have visibility
and transparency into their cloud security
and resource performance in real time.
Multi-Layered Security 
Cloud platform employs multiple layers of
security that focuses on three key areas:
physical, software, and infrastructure.
Enterprise Architecture
 Best in class commitment to technology
including datacenters, connectivity,
hardware, and security.
Tier IV Data Center
Use of multiple top tier datacenters to
provide bi-coastal redundancy, and
enforce rigorous security policies.