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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Cloud Services Provider

In recent years, cloud computing services have become an indispensable part of business operations for companies both large and small. Many companies rely on cloud service providers to fulfill a variety of IT-related needs without having to make the high up-front investments typically associated with traditional in-house IT services.

No matter what you need from the cloud, it’s important to look for a few key things in your cloud service provider.

What are these things that you should look for in a cloud services provider? Here’s our Top 5 list for you:

#1: Security

For any company that handles sensitive information, security is always a top concern. The sheer amount of damage that can occur when there’s a data breach is enough to give almost anyone concerns about their security practices.

To avoid unnecessary exposure to the risk of a data breach, it’s important to find a cloud service provider that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements to preserve the security of your company’s data.

This means using multiple layers of security to mitigate the potential risk of a security breach.

For example, exclusively uses Tier IV Data Centers that exercise stringent security policies to ensure physical access to systems is protected at all times. All of WHOA .com’s data centers require proper identification and authorization to enter the building. Each data center uses around-the-clock monitoring of facilities via closed-circuit TV and armed guards.

If anyone can easily walk into your data center unauthorized, then your data isn’t safe. partners with Palo Alto Networks, the industry leader in enterprise firewalls. This protects traffic into the network at the perimeter. uses Palo Alto firewalls for visibility into and control over traffic entering and exiting the data center. In addition these firewalls provide antivirus, intrusion protection, application protection, data filtering, malware protection and much more.

Additional security measures include:

  • Antivirus — software that detects and destroys viruses.
  • Firewall — software or hardware network security that controls all traffic by 
analyzing its packets based on defined rule sets.
  • Network Monitoring — systems that continuously observe a network and notify administrators when something goes wrong.
    • Identity and Access Management — policies that enable the right people to 
access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.
    • Encryption — converting data or information into code.

#2: A Customer-First Approach

While security is the most important issue for many companies, a close second might be the service and support that the cloud company can provide. Part of the reason why service and support is crucial is that a cloud service provider with strong support can be instrumental in helping your company meet goals.

Look for a cloud service provider that can provide managed services and customer support.

A cloud provider with a customer-first approach will help you quickly, giving you a faster resolution to your issue so that you can move forward with your business.

#3: Ease of Management of Your Infrastructure

Select a CSP that provides you the tools to easily manage your infrastructure; being able to add resources, quickly provision additional servers as needed, have visibility into your virtual data center environment with comprehensive monitoring tools, ease of management of your network settings & configurations.

Having these tools allows you to readily access your environment and make changes as necessary. Such tools can also help you quickly spin up dev and test deployments.

#4: High Availability (Redundancy and Reliability)

Providing redundancy at every level in the event of a hardware failure helps your business continue operating without significant downtime. employs a powerful approach, combining a ‘no single point of failure’ methodology with a ‘no compromises’ approach to architecture and hardware investment. This combination guarantees unbeatable cloud server reliability, making sure your business is never disadvantaged.

#5: Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is an enormously-important task for businesses, and even governments. When a disaster strikes and takes your system down, you need to be able to get back up to speed as quickly as possible. Many businesses fail to execute a disaster recovery strategy due to the complexity, time, and costs associated with it, but they cannot ignore the need for having it.

With the right CSP, you can design and implement a complete DR plan that meets all of your specifications around RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) to keep your business running at 100% efficiency, no matter what. Disaster recovery planning is a critical challenge for IT executives today, and cloud IaaS is a powerful weapon in their business arsenal.

These are just a few of the things that you should look for in a cloud service provider. If you need fast, efficient, and reliable cloud computing services, contact today!