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Using Data Encryption to Protect SMBs on the Cloud

To this day, security remains a top concern for modern businesses. Many SMBs are leery of using the cloud, concerned about potential data breaches. However, any IT infrastructure is only as secure as the measures used to protect it.

One way that cloud service providers can protect SMBs on the cloud is by using top-notch data encryption to secure data-at-rest.

Why You NEED Data Encryption

The goal of data encryption is to render any data that is stolen useless to data thieves. For years, enterprises have used data encryption to thwart hackers attempting to steal sensitive information.

According to statistics cited by MSNBC, “the average cost of a data breach hit $4 million” in 2016. That’s the overall average impact. This cost could be higher for some SMBs with more records, as the cost to a company for a data breach was “approximately $158 for every lost or stolen record.”

Without encryption, if a hacker successfully breached your company’s IT environment, any data they retrieve will be open and immediately useful. By encrypting data, you can prevent hackers from being able to use your company’s sensitive information against you and your customers/clients.

Many compliance standards, such as PCI and HIPAA, require companies to protect data by encrypting it. So, if one of your business’ goals is to meet one of these security compliance standards, then data encryption is a must.

Why Uses Vormetric Encryption

There are a lot of encryption solutions out there, but to keep your data safe, you need a top-of-the-line solution, which is why partners with Vormetric for data-at-rest encryption.

Vormetric offers a powerful encryption solution that provides central management for keys and access policies, easy integration into existing SQL code for user-defined functions, application encryption, and data-at-rest encryption for structured, unstructured, and big data databases.

By providing virtual management, Vormetric makes creating, deploying, and managing secure cloud solutions easier for SMBs. Additionally, Vormetric’s encryption architecture is PCI 3.0-compliant, complete with required audit logs tracking permitted and denied access attempts.

Every day, thieves work to steal the sensitive data of companies large and small for personal profit. Protect your company and your clients with a secure cloud for SMBs that leverages strong encryption today!