The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

What can you do to create a DevOps enabled strategy?

“There is far more opportunity than there is ability.” -Thomas Edison

‘Tis the season of planning! Yes—the most exciting time of the year, when we’re tucked into our boardrooms, or scheduled company “off-sites” to commence planning for the upcoming year. Through the impact of digital transformation through software as a service (SaaS), machine intelligence, and process-automation solutions to leverage, we are approaching a paradigm shift.Those who are focused on growth are investing more in DevOps and data analytics. Business leaders armed with market trends and customer insights can effectively reshape the conversation from budget crunching to ingenuity labs.

As excited as we are for this fundamental shift, there are two major factors that can derail the most solid ideas: costly cloud platforms and security threats.

For companies that are innovating in machine learning, asset monitoring and other sensor technologies in IoT, developing in embedded systems is a complex undertaking. Threat intelligence becomes crucial as IoT devices often connect “old things” to emerging technologies. Too often, design teams are compelled to compromise on their overall product when faced with the burden of threat management. With the multiform nature IoT, solutions can make software engineers feel as though they’re spending too much time on the tasks involved in building the necessary cloud architecture that don’t offer any real value to the final product.

What can you do to create a DevOps enabled strategy?

A secure platform-based approach is the solution to getting IoT solutions to market faster while securing your most valuable assets. Most companies still have not staffed security experts, and demanding that your CTO manage all security policies will require extensive research that can stall a product release, and eat up months of forecasted profits. But these issues can easily overcome through’s managed security solutions, like the Cyber Secure Cloud Platform™ (CSCP), which can give software engineers a way to take advantage of the flexibility of custom design without compromising on essential security measures.

This is the year to make Thomas Edison your spirit animal. 

What business lines would you transform if you didn’t have to worry about threat management? How would you deliver amazing customer experiences through embedded devices if you had the confidence that your applications were monitored and the data was secure? We want to hear from you. Ten minutes is all it takes to see how a Premium Secure Cloud Solution from will benefit your business.


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