The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM is Leading the Way to Secure Digital Transformation assumes the role of innovation agent, leading the way to secure digital transformation. 

In today’s business landscape, firms are striving to reach an increasingly connected customer. Digital Transformation remains a priority, but many CIOs face challenges to modernize their business while also protecting the company’s most precious assets: data and intellectual property. While it is true that digital transformation creates a whole new realm of possibilities for providing a better customer experience and expanding profit margins, it also launches companies into the never ending race against cyber-attacks.

As recent as last Friday, many of the nation’s top websites fell prey to a massive cyber-attack. Some of the affected sites include Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Etsy, Github, Okta, DYN, Zendesk and Spotify. With so many of these sites being e-commerce, lost revenue could be in the billions. Fortunately their digital presence (at least on Twitter) allowed many to remain engaged with their consumers throughout the hack, emphasizing their concern and commitment to delivering a greater customer experience.

Digital Transformation remains a priority for CIOs in 2017. Your digital strategy starts with purpose built infrastructure. 

Despite the rise in cyber-attacks, investing in digital resources, software and agility is an absolute necessity for businesses that want to remain relevant and competitive. Thankfully, events like these often have a silver lining in that they inspire the market to innovate, creating infrastructure and platform advancements that are ever more powerful against such digital maladies. So while businesses may be under pressure to prioritize software investments, it pays to work with a cloud provider equipped with the knowledge and expertise to build secure reference architectures that are purpose-built to serve your company’s unique needs. Even more critical when your company has to operate in accordance with regulatory and compliance mandates. Luckily, Innovation Agents take solution architecture one step further by tapping into their deep vertical threat knowledge to design secure infrastructures that are prepared to defend businesses against industry specific cyber-attacks and to help them to avoid unnecessary interruptions and potentially devastating profit loss.

Digital experiences are no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. Get started.  

Now that you know that there are expert resources to work with you to develop a tailored roadmap to digital transformation, you’re ready to ramp up your technology investments without worrying about compromising your growth.’s Secure Public Cloud: Modernize without compromise. 

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