The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM Launches Secure Private Cloud Solutions for Business Launches Secure Private Cloud Solutions for Business

Enterprise-class private cloud solutions provide highest level of security, redundancy, and availability to organizations that deal with sensitive data.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Oct. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — WHOA Networks today announced the availability of Private Cloud, a new cloud service that delivers the agility and innovation of public cloud but with the physical and logical isolation, dedicated hardware and security standards that many large enterprises require.

Released in March,’s single-tenant, VMware-powered enterprise Private Cloud solution has attracted compliance-focused business platforms that require robust availability, enhanced security, and predictable dependability. Other users value having a solution powered by best in class partners such as PaloAlto Networks for intrusion detection and prevention, ScienceLogic for real time monitoring, and Microsoft which can be easily scaled to meet fluctuations in demand at a fixed price.

“If an average SMB were to try and re-create our Private Cloud solution, it would be cost-prohibitive,” says David Zaizar, Vice President, “We offer the peace-of-mind of a dedicated solution, using only the best technology that is available in the cloud market today with an affordable fixed monthly cost. For small and medium-sized businesses that need enterprise-grade virtual computing, the Private Cloud is the ideal solution, as it balances a feature-rich platform and a very aggressive price point.” Private Cloud is built on FlexPod architecture, which leverages the collaboration between Cisco, VMware, and NetApp, the industry leaders in server virtualization, and utilizes our secure, fully redundant and geographically diverse top tier data centers. It offers existing VMware users the ability to create hybrid cloud networks, leveraging’s data centers to manage growth, resilience and fault-tolerance without additional capital expense. This provides organizations the highest level of reliability, and the ability to deliver more efficient, scalable and agile deployment of business applications and services.

All Private Cloud customers receive’s top-notch technical support, guaranteed by the company’s industry-leading SLA, and an industry-best cloud infrastructure that features a multi-layered approach to security, each designed and incorporated to maximize protection.

ABOUT WHOA.COM: is a leader in next-generation, ISO 27001 Certified secure cloud solutions. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class cloud services for business including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Cloud Storage, Disaster Recovery, Integrated Applications and Security. The secure network of multiple top tier data centers is strategically located across the country, which prioritizes security, efficiency, and the reliable delivery of business-critical applications. By providing the industry’s finest hardware and software coupled with unbeatable levels of high availability, connectivity, uptime and security, we represent the pinnacle of quality available in today’s cloud infrastructure market. To learn more, visit or call toll free 877-700-WHOA.