WHOA Networks Partner Program

Close more business while promoting the BEST compliant cloud security solution.

Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Cloud Solutions

The Whoa Networks Partner Program is designed to help you build and deliver innovative IT solutions to differentiate yourself from your competitors and provide you with the tools to make the most of every sales opportunity. Through the Whoa family of companies, you can now bring even more relevant solutions to your customers.

• Cybersecurity Services
• Compliance Services
• Secure Cloud Solutions
• Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
• Managed Technology
• Professional Services
• 24 x 7 x 365 Expert Support

Join our WHOA Networks Partner Program

Your customers place a high priority on monitoring and protecting their information, IT infrastructure, and ultimately their entire businesses. Whoa Networks’ solutions complement the solutions you offer to expand your capabilities and further inspire your customers’ confidence in you. Through this partnership, we believe that you and your customers will greatly benefit from the unique solutions we can offer.

WHOA Networks Partner Benefits

WHOA Networks is committed to offering you robust benefits and profitable incentives as you expand your service offering and revenue-generating capabilities.
• Outstanding Discounts and Incentive Bonuses
• Expansive Set of Solutions
• Cutting Edge Cyber Secure Cloud PlatformTM (CSCP) with White Glove Support
• Threat Observation PlatformTM Security Advantage
• Flexible Deployment Options – Customizable to Customer Needs
• Comprehensive Enablement Support
• Strong Alliance Ecosystem
• Commitment to Partnering and Ease of Doing Business!

“The WHOA.com Secure Cloud Platform gives your customers a true cybersecurity advantage.”

Partner Program Overview

The Whoa Networks Partner Program delivers benefits, incentives and sales resources designed to help you drive new opportunities and increase your profitability. As a Whoa Networks Partner, you can take advantage of exceptional sales and technical training, marketing and sales tools, and sales and technical support to help position you as a trusted advisor while enabling you to offer additional value to your customers.

Tier-Based Benefits

The Whoa Networks Partner Program includes four tiers of participation based on investment and associated benefits and rewards, with Authorized as the entry tier and Platinum as the highest tier.

Additional Discounts

Whoa Networks can provide additional discounts based on deal size, term, company size, and Whoa Executive approval for strategic opportunities.

Sales Tools

Whoa Networks has a wide range of sales tools available for you to use. Many can be downloaded from the Partner Portal. Tools include:
• Information on pricing and agreements
• Product datasheets and brochures
• Detailed product service descriptions
• Sales presentations
• Summaries about Whoa Networks and our offerings
• Case studies and white papers
• Channel Sales Playbooks

Partner Startup Incentives You Can Bank On

Many companies offer Co-op or MDF to partners for approved lead generation purposes. Whoa Networks values our new partners and offers a generous incentive bonus program that partners can invest back in their business during the critical first months.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Whoa Networks will provide the following incentives to any new reseller partner within the first 12 months acceptance into the WHOA Partner Network. Here’s an example of how it works:

How Do I Get Started?

Your Whoa Networks Partner Representative will provide you with the following:
• Partner Agreement Review
• Initial Whoa Networks Portfolio Overview with Your Channel Manager
• Whoa Networks dedicated Sales team Training
• Whoa Provides Login Credentials to Whoa Partner Portal