WHOA.com Selects Gemini All-Flash Array from Nimbus Data for VDI Cloud Service

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Nimbus Data Systems, Inc., the leading provider of unified all-flash storage systems for enterprise and cloud infrastructure, today announced that WHOA.com has deployed the Gemini F620 all-flash array as the storage foundation for its new desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering.

Located in Hollywood, Florida, WHOA.com is a leading provider of enterprise-class, secure cloud solutions for growing organizations nationwide. Expanding its cloud service offerings to encompass DaaS, WHOA.com needed a robust infrastructure that could support a fully loaded platform. Company leadership identified early on that an all-flash array, because of its high-performance capability, was the necessary element for WHOA.com to achieve the service level agreement (SLA) needs of its DaaS offering. In addition to performance, WHOA.com needed a flexible storage solution that allowed it to align its backend storage infrastructure to meet current and future needs. Three features it specifically needed the flash solution to offer included: inline and high-performance data reduction, support of multiple storage networking protocols, and non-disruptive scalability.

WHOA selected Nimbus Data’s Gemini all-flash array after extensive review and consideration of the key players in the all-flash industry, the Gemini array far exceeded performance and long-term infrastructure requirements—there really wasn’t a close comparison. Our traditional storage array generated less than one quarter of the IOPS of the Nimbus Gemini all-flash array—it’s easily 8x faster. The Gemini array is a truly comprehensive all-flash storage solution that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

WHOA.com immediately took advantage of the inline deduplication capability of the Nimbus HALO operating system, which reduced the amount of actual storage capacity used by the virtual machines—without impacting performance. Additionally, Nimbus Data’s modular architecture allowed WHOA.com to initially configure the array so that it hosts about 4,000 virtual desktops, with the capability to scale up to 100,000 desktops.  With Nimbus Data’s support of multiple storage networking protocols within its Gemini arrays, WHOA.com can seamlessly transition from network file system (NFS) to Fibre Channel as appropriate, without any new hardware investments.

“WHOA.com is well-positioned in the burgeoning cloud services industry, providing their customers with a fast and reliable DaaS offering—one that is achieved through implementation of a full-featured all-flash storage foundation,” said Thomas Isakovich, CEO and Founder of Nimbus Data. “It’s exciting to see customers like WHOA.com, who have thoroughly vetted our technology and customer support, entrust the foundation of their core business to Nimbus Data.”

To learn more about WHOA.com’s deployment of the Nimbus Data Gemini F600 all-flash storage array, read the case study at:http://www.nimbusdata.com/resources/casestudies.php.

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SOURCE Nimbus Data Systems, Inc.