A robust, scalable and secure platform that provides the visibility needed to manage an entire IT environment.

WhoaLogic Monitoring Service provides comprehensive monitoring, alert and notification services for WHOA.com Public, Private, and Hybrid solutions. This monitoring service is provided in tiers at a per Cloud Server level to be able to provide a holistic monitoring management solution, depending on your IT operation’s needs. The monitoring platform does discovery and monitoring of networks, servers, applications, storage, and virtualization environments. All of the monitoring data is presented on an online portal that is available 24 x 7 x 365, delivering self-service reporting and visualization via any browser friendly device.

Our WhoaLogic platform is an agentless system, gathering data from device management interfaces, network monitoring points and virtualization system managers.

Read on to see the four options of monitoring services we offer. 

Key Features of WhoaLogic Monitoring Service:

  • Comprehensive Cloud Monitoring of Customer’s WHOA Public Cloud WDC or Private Cloud WDC environments
  • Event Management
  • Performance Monitoring and Management
  • Device Topology Mapping
  • Off-Premise Monitoring Options

WhoaLogic Basic Monitoring

WhoaLogic Basic Monitoring provides a platform to notify Customers when their website becomes unavailable by providing ICMP/ping monitoring to your servers. Ping monitors are typically applied to servers, network devices, and web/URL content. This Basic Monitoring includes only availability checks, or ICMP protocol that resides within the WHOA internal network. This service would also provide a monitor for URL checks, which connects to your web server to check for specific content and make sure that your website and it's applications are available, but does not monitor for availability external to the data center it is provisioned in.

WhoaLogic Basic Plus Monitoring

WhoaLogic Basic Plus Monitoring provides the same internal ping and URL checks as in Tier I, and it also has external ping and URL checks to make sure that critical servers such as your application servers or web servers are available and performing. This level of monitoring provides internal and external availability for ICMP protocol on pingable devices. This check will ping your server from a remote data center and will alert you if the server doesn't respond. This level of monitoring also provides URL and web content availability, both within the network and on the internet. This monitor would connect to your web server to check for specific content and make sure that your website is available and users can access and interact with your applications. This Content Monitoring typically sends an alert when the hostname is invalid or the poller is unable to reach a DNS server.

WhoaLogic Premium Monitoring

While your virtual environments are set up with the required resources, it is very possible for a Cloud Server to use up too much CPU or memory. Unless the proper monitoring services are in place, it can be difficult to identify that those issues are occurring and to handle them before reaching a critical state.  

WhoaLogic Premium Monitoring delivers a comprehensive level of server monitoring using a combination of network and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring to enable customers to manage their Cloud Servers better. In addition to the features included in the Standard Monitoring Services, Advanced Server Monitoring provides customers the ability to monitor a wide range of statistics from their compute resources, operating systems and application stacks.

The WhoaLogic Monitoring Portal provides insightful reporting features such as graphing and alarms. Graphing illustrates usage over time that can help spot problems before they affect the performance of your servers, and can also be useful for capacity planning. Alarms can be configured on the customer portal to send email alerts should possible issues present themselves.

WhoaLogic Premium Plus Monitoring

WhoaLogic Premium Plus Monitoring provides advanced monitoring specific for applications running on your Cloud Server. This tier in monitoring provides you with a deeper and richer set of tools that monitor, analyze and report on the availability and performance of your websites, as well as your application servers and other cloud resources.

WhoaLogic Premium Plus Monitoring provides the following application monitoring:

  • Website statistics: Monitors web services and commonly used web transactions. For IIS Server, it collects performance data including Active Server Pages, Core, and Web Server performance.
  • Apache Monitoring: Monitors configuration, performance, and HTTP statistics for Apache Servers.
  • Database monitoring: Maintains MS SQL query speeds and identify performance issues. Data is collected for buffer, database, memory, plan cache, query, session, and table/latch performance.
  • Port monitoring: Monitors the ports your web applications rely on by checking for a response from a specific port on your server, and determining if the process that is bound to that port is running.
  • Microsoft Exchange Monitoring: Monitors performance of Exchange servers. Collects data from Exchange for CAS ActiveSync, address book load, address book service, availability OWA, database, disk, and transport database and load performance.

Monitoring Dashboard

Monitoring Dashboard
Monitoring Dashboard
Monitoring Dashboard
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