The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

Who’s Pushing for a Cloud Strategy in Your Business?

Businesses in multiple industries large and small are beginning to move to the cloud in greater numbers. The adoption of the cloud can carry numerous benefits for companies, including increased security, reduced CAPEX & OPEX for IT, and improved business continuity in the face of catastrophic events.

However, the cloud isn’t all things to all companies. To get the most out of the move to the cloud requires a strong cloud strategy that leverages the best value propositions of the cloud for your company. Cloud services are varied and versatile, but not all clouds are the same.

With this in mind, who’s pushing for a cloud strategy in your business?

If others are pushing to move infrastructure, apps, or data to the cloud, but don’t have a specific strategy proposed, it may be time for you push for a cloud strategy.

Creating a Sound Strategy for Using the Cloud

The basis of any sound business strategy is the creation of goals that are specific and measurable. Starting your strategy by creating some business goals is a key first step, as it helps you identify the specific cloud services that will best help you meet those goals.

For example, if your business’ primary goal is to reduce IT spend and increase IT security, partnering with a premium cloud service provider that integrates security at multiple layers of their infrastructure is a must.

If your business needs to be able to scale infrastructure to meet seasonal workloads, then a public cloud that uses top-of-the line virtualized infrastructure (such as the VMware hypervisor) may be ideal. Public clouds that use VMware hypervisors can easily scale their cloud environments at a moment’s notice to keep up with demand.

Another goal that many companies may need to meet, especially for compliance with standards such as HIPAA, is to create geodiversity for their infrastructure with remote backup and replication of IT environments. Here, finding a cloud partner with geographically diverse data centers is a must.

Finding the Right Cloud Partner

It will take the right cloud solution to meet your business’ needs for security, scalability, and continuity. Taking the time to carefully consider your needs and finding a cloud service provider that can meet those needs reliably can help your company get the best benefit from adopting the cloud.