The Silver Lining In Your Cloud TM

Why the Cloud is the Best Place to Store Your Mission-Critical Data

For years, if a business wanted to have an IT infrastructure for its mission-critical data and business applications, that business would have to invest in an internal infrastructure. This investment could be a significant burden for most companies, especially if the company in question needed to meet specific compliance and data security standards.

Recent advances in IT security for the cloud has changed things. Now, the cloud can be the best place to store your business’ mission-critical data, providing numerous advantages over an on-premises solution such as cost savings and ease of management.

Why is the Cloud the Best Place to Store Your Mission-Critical Data?

There are many reasons why the cloud can be the best place to store your most important business apps and information, such as:

  • Security. Cloud providers are able to focus on strengthening their IT security because IT services are typically the core of their business. This allows cloud companies to invest more in security than another company’s internal IT department could, creating a tougher, more intrusion-resistant infrastructure.
  • Compliance. Companies need enterprise-level software to help them reach critical mass and grow. Moreover, this software, and the infrastructure it runs on, has to be compliant with the regulations that govern your business.
  • Flexibility. Modern cloud environments are very flexible and able to work with a wide variety of operating systems. The only workloads that can’t be moved to the cloud are the ones running on proprietary hardware. Even these workloads can be uploaded to co-owned, co-located hardware with cross-communication.

Of course, not every cloud provider will be able to offer the same flexibility, security, and compliance services.

For example, uses the kind of carrier-grade cloud infrastructure and services used by Fortune 500 companies to provide mission-critical infrastructure that is ISO 27001-compliant. WHOA offers not only best-in-class security such as Palo Alto perimeter firewalls and additional per-app and per-tenant firewalls, it offers compatibility service with co-located hardware services.

By allowing you to co-locate your proprietary hardware with WHOA’s own hardware in the data center, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to infrastructure that’s compatible with your needs.

Combine this with the extreme security that’s a part of every WHOA cloud environment, and you have the perfect solution for storing your business-critical apps and data.  For more on the security of the cloud, download our Ebook about a multi layered approach to cloud security.