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Why Chose to Partner with Palo Alto for Perimeter Firewall

There are a lot of different companies out there working to create strong perimeter defenses to protect business infrastructure from intrusion. The perimeter firewall is the first line of defense against hackers, blocking the majority of intrusion attempts before they can get inside your IT environment.

To create a strong, secure cloud, WHOA needed a top-of-the-line firewall solution. WHOA’s search for the perfect perimeter firewall eventually led to four-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader Palo Alto Networks (PAN) and their next-generation firewall for IDS/IPS.

Why did WHOA choose to use PAN’s firewall for perimeter security rather than another company?

Here are a few reasons why:

1: Full Traffic Classification for IDS

One of the many benefits of having Palo Alto at the edge is that their firewalls utilize a zero trust, single-pass architecture. Under this system, every piece of traffic is fully classified using Palo Alto’s patented App-ID™, User-ID™, and Content-ID™ technologies. This greatly enhances the IDS capabilities of the firewall by collecting and verifying more information about every data packet.

Most firewalls simply check the source and destination for information packets, with some doing a bit more to check for fragmentation or other issues. Palo Alto’s full traffic classification goes deeper than stable packet inspection, checking the type of traffic for each information packet on top of everything else to make the firewall’s traffic rules more granular.

2: Intrusion Prevention Service

Another feature that sets Palo Alto apart as an industry-leading firewall is their powerful intrusion prevention service. With a Palo Alto partnership, WHOA gains access to:

  • Automatic Protection Updates. Palo Alto automatically updates its threat protections every 15 minutes to include the latest threats, apps, and IP databases. IP information is especially helpful for blocking all traffic from a specific high-threat country or region.
  • Exploit Protection. Exploits within a specific program rank among the greatest threats to data security in the world. PAN’s protection service uses anomaly detection, signature matching, and reverse-engineering of zero-day exploits to understand the underlying vulnerabilities and remediate them.
  • Malware Protection. Palo Alto’s custom-built signatures can detect patterns in the body of a file packet to identify and prevent the installation of malware. These custom signatures can even be used to identify future variations of the same files even if they’ve been given some modifications to disguise them.
  • Command and Control Protection. If data thieves get past the perimeter and start to collect data, Palo Alto’s threat protection blocks outbound requests to malicious IP addresses and domains, redirecting them to internal addresses. This keeps data from leaving your environment and being stolen.

These advanced protection tools help make WHOA’s cloud environment incredibly secure and resistant to attack.

Ultimately, WHOA partnered with Palo Alto because they are the best, creating a level of security for cloud environments at the edge that is simply unmatched. Naturally, Palo Alto Networks isn’t WHOA’s only partner in providing high-security cloud. WHOA works with other leading online security partners for different elements of cloud security.

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